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Economic Data 101: Guiding Citizens through the Waves of Confusing Numbers

Feb 26, 2019, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Led by Dr. Kevin Gericke, Professor, Economics and Leadership, West Kentucky Community and Technical College

Do you really understand how the economy is measured?

Take a non-partisan exploration into the economic data that is regularly discussed in the media.

We will introduce you to the macro economic measures of GDP, GNP, unemployment, labor force participation, inflation, consumer confidence, and balance of payments.

Learn how this data is collected, what the data means, and how to interpret the numbers that you see referenced in the media.

Dr. Kevin Gericke is a Professor of Economics and Leadership at West Kentucky Community and Technical College, teaching economics since 1999.

Dr. Gericke has delivered numerous presentations about economics and teaching at national and international conferences, but gains the most joy when he helps an individual better understand their role within the economy.

  • 2nd Floor Meeting Room

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