Stuff the Bus Fine Forgiveness

Bring school supplies from one of the lists (linked below) to one of the check out desks on either floor between July 13th and 18th, and we’ll waive your fines.   This does not apply to items that are still out or that have been billed.  If you bring those items back and in their proper condition, however, we will waive the fines at that time.

The Stuff the Bus program is a great way to get everyone on a level playing field when the school year begins!

Here are the lists of items we’ll accept:

Elementary School List

Middle/High School List

Library Construction

The Kentucky Avenue entrance of the McCracken County Public Library is being redesigned to provide maximum accessibility for patrons with disabilities. The project, which began March 24, 2014, aims to extend the wheelchair ramp ratio into the parking lot to better comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. In addition, a canopy cover will be installed over the ramp and sidewalk to shelter patrons from inclement weather. Two drains on the property will also be cleaned out and improved to more efficiently drain water during heavy rains.

As construction progresses, safety tunnels will be placed near the Kentucky Avenue parking lot to provide safe entry for library patrons. The City of Paducah will mark an area on the Washington Street side as a drop off zone for those patrons needing an easier entrance. Parking on Washington Street near the ramp cut-out will not be allowed.

Paul King of Peck, Flannery, Gream, Warren Inc. Architects produced the design for the new Kentucky Avenue entrance and took sealed bids. The contractor is M.P. Lawson. The renovations were made possible by Mrs. Helen Gore of Illinois, who bequeathed to the library a sum of $62,000 in her will with no limitations on its use. A memorial plaque will be placed in Mrs. Gore’s honor. The Friends of Library have also expressed an interest in providing financial assistance. The construction project will not hinder the library’s ability to purchase new materials.

According to the contractor, the project is expected to take three months. The library apologizes for any parking difficulties, but expects the new, aesthetic entrance to be beneficial to the community and worth the wait.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the project, you may contact Julie Hart, Library Director.  Her contact information can be found at

Automatic Authors to be Replaced by McReader’s Digest in 2014

We’re excited to announce that the Automatic Authors program will be replaced by a new McReader’s Digest Newsletter Service, effective January 1, 2014.

The Automatic Authors program has been a popular service for the past several years, but it has had faults and limitations. It was a blunt instrument–you got all the new books by an author, whether you liked a particular series or not. It made for a lot of books sitting on the hold shelf for patrons who didn’t really want them, while the patrons who did had to wait for weeks. Also, the number of authors we could include was limited. We couldn’t incorporate suggestions or changes easily because it would require everyone to re select their favorites.  Automatic Authors was not only less efficient than we’d like, it just wasn’t giving us an accurate picture of what you really want to read.

Beginning in January, we’ll be sending out a monthly newsletter (email or print, your choice). We will still let you know about new releases by tried-and-true authors, and we’ll also be including books generating buzz in the media, new authors, movie/TV tie-ins, and even crossover titles from our Young Adult collection. We have so many great books at the library and want you to hear about more of them! All you have to do is give us a call and tell us which books/CD’s you want us to hold. If you’re already accessing your account online at, you can also add the holds you want there. If you receive the newsletter by email, there will be direct links in the email where you can request the item.

We will still be placing automatic holds on your account through the end of December, but this new service will give you the ability to better control what books are on your hold list. You will be among the first to know about new books as soon as we order them, and you won’t be limited to a particular number of authors. It will mean shorter waiting times for you and it will also give us the flexibility to more quickly incorporate your suggestions and share them with others.

We have always made it a priority to provide the books that our patrons want to read and hope that you will find this new service allows us to meet your needs better than ever. We’ve included a sample newsletter to give you a taste for what to expect–and yes, you can place holds on these books (if we haven’t done it for you already–remember, we will through December).

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions—either at the checkout desk or by calling (270) 442-2510 x120.