Looking for a place to purchase spring flowers? If you were living in Paducah in 1909 (or anywhere else in the surrounding area, for that matter) then you would have looked no further than Schmaus Brothers Florists. William H. F. and Henry Schmaus had all the spring gardening plants you could imagine.

Schmaus Brothers Florists was located on Broadway, opposite Labelle Park (later known as Wallace Park) in Arcadia. This area had a long history of gardening and by 1904 the Schmaus brothers had established their greenhouses into a leading business in McCracken County.

According to the Paducah Evening Sun, April 8, 1909, “They produce every kind of flower including exotics, bedding plants, vines, foliage plants, shrubs, ferns and palms.” With beautiful varieties of Chrysanthemums, roses, tulips, weeping Lantana, geraniums and many others, Schmaus brothers had on hand at all times 100,000 to 125,000 potted plants and 20,000 to 25,000 geraniums. In 1909, their greenhouses included 5,000 feet of steam pipes and 50,000 square feet of glass. Possibly best known for the taking care of the beautiful landscaping around the McCracken County Court House as well as the numerous stations of the N.C. and St L. Railroad between Paducah and Memphis, TN, Schmaus Brothers were the leading landscape artist in the West Kentucky and West Tennessee.

To read more on the Schmaus Brothers, click on the following link provided by the Library of Congress, Chronicling America, or come see us at the McCracken County Public Library.


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