We come across a lot of old stories about our animal friends here in the Local and Family History Department. Let’s see if we can post a few before the day is out. Our first story, from 1906, is about a cat, named Short, with a peculiar talent.

Her stunt? 

Imitating an alarm clock.

Short was the mascot of a barbershop on S. Third Street. J.B.M. Faulkner, the foreman of the shop, lived upstairs. Every morning at 6 a.m., Short left her bed in the shop, padded up the stairs, and woke up Mr. Faulkner with her best chiming caterwaul. If he refused to open the door, she raised her voice and scratched at the door until he appeared.

The Paducah Sun reports (in this front page story no less) that Short was so precise in her timing that she never varied by more than five minutes.

The Sun does not, however, state whether Short had a snooze button.