Last week we shared a story about the history and deterioration of 432 Broadway, and today the Paducah Sun reprinted a portion of that same story on page 2 of the paper. Tonight, we’re also able to share with you a couple historic photos of the building, to show what the structure and the block used to look like.

These high-quality photos of the intersection of 5th and Broadway are part of our Curtis & Mays Collection, which we are currently cataloging and hope to soon have available on our website as part of our Digital Collection. The photos date from the early to the mid-1950′s. In addition to the Walgreens (which is 432 Broadway), other businesses visible include Glen-More Clothes: Suit’s the Men, Business Men’s Assurance Company, Gleaves Furniture, Henneburger Insurance Agency, Dentist Frank Erskine, John Green Stores, and Watkins Department Store.

If you’re able, zoom in on the photos and take a look at some of fancy brickwork toward the top of the building. And besides the building there are many other interesting things to note, including:
- A large box of Fab Detergent was a nickel off its regular price.
- The curious placement of “No Left Turn” signs.
- The Ex-Lax Thermometer
- The two girls standing outside the Walgreens are either both crying or both shielding their eyes from the sun.
- Broadway had parking meters!
- The boy sitting on the fire hydrant is probably selling the Paducah Sun.
- Walgreens sold “Toiletries of Distinction.”
- The apostrophe in “Suit’s.” Why?

These photos are the property of McCracken County Public Library, are watermarked as such, and may not be reprinted or repurposed without the library’s permission.

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–Matt Jaeger