Now proudly on display in the Local and Family History Department – the life mask of Irvin S. Cobb! On loan from Richard and Carolyn Roof, the life mask, cast in 1940 by Dr. Raymond Roof, is Cobb’s perfect likeness, complete with cigar. While photos of Cobb certainly give a sense of his person, there’s nothing quite like seeing the features of his face in three-dimensions to complete the picture. Of course, being the wordsmith he was, Cobb penned the following bit of humor to Dr. Roof upon receiving the mask.

July 5, 1940
My Dear Dr. Roof,
Please let me thank you for your very great kindness in sending me a completed copy of my life mask – cigar, eyebrows, under lip and all. I think it is a strikingly true replica but there naturally I’m prejudiced on the side of the subject who is by way of being a personal favorite of mine and a jolly good fellow besides, say I.
Always with best wishes.
Yours Gratefully,
Irvin S. Cobb

The mask along with many other bits of Cobb memorabilia are currently on display in the Local and Family History room. Come visit us!