File this snippet under Library history, Paducah history, and Christmas history, which is pretty much a winning trifecta for those of us in the Local and Family History Department. The week before Christmas in 1906, in one of the books returned to the relatively new Carnegie Library in Paducah, a sealed envelope was found addressed to “Santa Claus, City.” The letter inside read:

Dear Santa Claus – I am a little boy six years old and I want to tell you what I want for Xmas. I want a wagon and horse, paper cap pistol, and a lot of paper caps and two games; story book and a big doll. If I am a boy I like dolls. I think they are pretty. Be sure to bring them to me. I will go to bed early and shut my eyes tight and go to sleep as quick as I can. I will close hoping you bring them. So, by, by.

The letter was discovered by Mamie Baynham, the Carnegie’s first librarian, and because all librarians are diligent and trustworthy people, we are certain that Mrs. Baynham ultimately got this boy’s letter to its intended recipient.

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