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OMG Contest Entries!

OMGCon is coming back to Paducah and the library is giving away two 3-day passes! OMGCon “is an annual event that brings together anime and video games for a weekend of fun and excitement. There are special guests (such as voice actors and artists), dealers (for getting those hard-to-get merchandise), events (like cosplay and video game tournaments.)”

To enter the giveaway, we requested a personal recommendation for favorite manga or anime. Entries were accepted via email, Facebook, and in-person submissions.

Congratulations to the winners – Keirsten Keith and Jen Dowdy! Here are the complete entries:


Jen Dowdy (winner!):

“Personally, Fullmetal Alchemist (the original anime) has been the one that has hooked me more than anything else. I like the combination of fantasy, mysticism, and a bit of hidden political commentary (such as the Ishbalites who can be compared to Muslims in the Middle East). The character development is also incredible, something of a shifting sand where some of the people are not whom one thinks they are at first. I also can relate to Edward Elric, who is quite short (I’m 5′ 1 1/2″) but very intelligent and also tempermental. Finally, some of the symbolism and naming of the characters in the anime series is based on alchemical symbols as well as famous alchemists and even military planes and other transportation!”


Keirsten Keith (winner!):

“My favorite anime series that I strongly recommend is Pokemon. The library does have this anime and several of the movies based on the series. It is a good starting point for anyone interested in anime and it is appropriate for all ages. It is also appealing to anyone that likes to explore new worlds. Pokemon is my favorite because it was my first anime series. I was hooked from the very first episode. I mean who doesn’t love cute little creatures with amazing abilities. I believe it also expands yours imagination and allows you to dream up your own pokemon.”


Garrett Milles:

“I’d have to say my favorite anime/manga series is Kekkaishi. It is the series that actually got me into anime. The library has some of the mangas and anime, but they only have a limited supply of them. I think the people that would like it are the fans who like magical battles, compelling stories, and subtle drama.”


Deric Hudson:

Black Lagoon consist of a 9 volume manga series and a 24 episode anime series. Its plot isn’t about the Creature from the Black Lagoon, but rather a small crew of modern pirates who call themselves The Lagoon Company. The series takes a realistic look at piracy in the Southeast Asia Sea, and as such is rated TV-MA. While the series indulges in violent shootouts and foul language, it has some of the most impressive character development I personally have ever seen in any form of media. Even the violence servers a purpose in telling a characters back-story.
A major theme in Black Lagoon is morality, as characters have to face their morality in being a pirate. There’s a massive diversity of characters in the series, and with this diversity comes conflicting beliefs. Most notably is the conflict between a Japanese businessman, and a Chinese-American woman who had a traumatic childhood in the streets of New York. As the characters interact, they test each others belief. The serious tone and in-depth detail to character creates a highly emotional debate as to whether there is good in the world, and leaves the answer open ended. The series paints a picture of a part of our world rarely seen, and it leaves the viewer hard pressed to question their own beliefs as well.
I have not read the manga so I cannot give a full opinion of it, but I have watched the anime multiple times. As I mentioned it’s highly recommended for a mature audience, but I feel this is a fantastic source of storytelling and character development. It’s also a nice change of pace for anime, as it’s based in reality as opposed to the common themes of giant robots and the supernatural. The series is released by Funimation, and is available for purchase online. The library does not currently have it.”


Jasmine Humphrey:

“My favorite anime is Black Butler/Karashitsuji.  To explain my dying love for Black Butler, I’ll give a short summary, just enough to keep you unconfused.  Earl Ciel Phantomhive’s parents are killed by an unknown source and Earl goes missing for quite some time. When Ciel returns, he has a black clad butler by his side. With only the 13 year old boy knowing that his butler, Sebastian Michael, is a demon. With the help of Sebastian, Ciel will have vengeance over the one who killed his parents, because only then may Sebastian devour Ciel’s soul.

Black Butler is my favorite anime because of the plot and the action. The plot, which is explained above, drew me in quickly with the pity story of a boy my age.  I also thought the idea of having a demon butler would be pretty awesome.  Within the middle of every episode, Sebastian is either baking someone into a pie or killing people with silverware. I never even thought you could bake someone into a pie…

The anime of Black Butler cannot be located in the library, but the manga can be with only slight differences.  As you can tell, I love Black Butler very much and I recommend it to anyone, really.  Although, if you don’t really enjoy the really action filled ones, I wouldn’t really recommend it.”


Jared Howard:

“My favorite Manga is FairyTail because I have always been fascinated by magic, wizards, and just plain fantasy.  This book has all of that in one with some mildly crude humor in it here and there. I would recommend it to anyone.”


Helen Fuhr:

“Greetings my name is Helen and I am a regular at OMGCon so you can imagine how excited I was to come across your flyer for this contest.  It was difficult for me to choose which anime/manga that I feel that others would enjoy if you got it for your library.  The one I chose is called “Alice in the Land of Hearts” a strange version of Louis Carroll’s story “Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland”.  The reason it is my favorite manga is the well written plot, many loveable characters, issues that many people face, and fantastic artwork.  For these reasons I’m sure it would quickly become others favorite as well.”


Morgan Partain:

“My favorite manga is probably Shugo Chara. I would sometimes sit on the floor in the library just to read one of the books – just because I couldn’t wait to read it. I think it’s my favorite because everyone truly has a natural instinct to be a kid, no matter what age you are or how much responsibility you have. Not just that it shows how people should follow their dreams and enjoy life as it is now. You should always be who you are and to always be true to yourself. I guess, when you look at it all, these books state that finding yourself isn’t easy and there will be many possibilities and it will be hard. Yet, in the end, it will all be worth it.”


Marissa Keith:

“I recommend Cardcaptors for my recommendation. The library has it on the shelf and the movies the creators made about this series. Cardcaptors are my favorite because the series keeps you guessing about the main character’s secret crush on each other and it’s very adventurous. It is also appropriate for all ages. I was interested in it by watching the trailer of the series. The person who got me to watch it was my older sister because she also liked the series. Kids would love the creatures and characters in the series. All kids would love this series if they like action and adventure.”